Become a Pet Foster Parent

The efforts of the Toledo Area Humane Society to provide quality care for animals in our community extends beyond our shelter walls. Our network of foster parents care for and nurture puppies, kittens, adult dogs and cats, or other animals that are sick, injured, or need a little tender care before they are ready to be adopted.

Placements can range in length from just a few days to several weeks depending on the animals needs. While fostering can involve some challenging situations, the program is structured to make fostering an easy and rewarding experience.

What it takes to become a foster volunteer

  • Have the ability to provide a safe and loving environment for puppies and kittens in the early days of life who may or may not have their mother.
  • Have your own transportation to bring your fosters to their veterinary appointments or in cases of emergency.
  • Have the time to provide the socialization and basic training that will give the animal a better chance to find a permanent home.

Becoming a foster volunteer is easy. Just complete the foster parent volunteer application, sign a foster care agreement and attend the foster care orientation training class. TAHS will assess each volunteer's home environment to determine foster program suitability.

Our foster coordinator will provide you with everything you need

Your foster care experience begins with a training class full of important information to help you provide excellent care to your foster pets.

TAHS will provide you with all of the supplies, equipment, and support that you will need to care for the animals that you are fostering including: food, bowls, bedding, toys, cat litter, litter box, medication, and veterinary services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Become a foster parent today!

To learn more about becoming a foster parent for the Toledo Area Humane Society contact our Foster Care Coordinator, Jen Huber at (419) 891-0591 or

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