Behavior Helpline

Behavior problems are the number one reason animals are abandoned, abused or surrendered to animal shelters. Our Home for Keeps program aims to reduce the number of pets surrendered or brought to TAHS through our Cruelty Department. The program is designed to help people contend with their pets undesirable behavior before they get to the point that they want to surrender or return their animal.

The Toledo Area Humane Society offers a behavior helpline for pet owners looking for assistance with a variety of different pet-related issues. Our helpline is available to not only those who adopt from TAHS, but to all local pet owners, regardless of where you received your pet. All calls to our helpline go directly to a voicemail box and are returned as soon as possible by our Animal Behavior Coordinator. You can contact our Behavior Hotline by calling 419-891-0706, or via email by completing the form below.


Behavior Helpline E-Questionnaire

Thank you for using the Behavior Helpline Email Service. Please provide your contact information and information about your pet so we may assist you with your query.