Foster Parent Program

Foster Program Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to foster every time I’m called? No. You choose your own availability based on your personal schedule.

What do I do if my foster pet is sick? The TAHS vet staff is available 7 days a week to assist with any medical issues that may arise. An emergency contact number is provided to all fosters for holiday or after hours emergency situations.

Can I pick what types of animals I want to foster? Your foster care profile can be customized to restrict they types of animals that your want to foster. For example: someone with allergies to cats would only be contacted to foster dogs or puppies.

Can my whole family participate? Absolutely! Foster homes and families come in all shapes and sizes. Singles, couples, seniors and families are all welcome to fill out a foster care application.

Our volunteers tell us that the reward they receive from fostering animals in their home is immeasurable. You get the experience of knowing that once these animals are ready for adoption, you have provided the building blocks that are essential for their mental and physical health. Playing an active role in helping to create a bright future for our furry friends is what it’s all about!

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