Frequently Asked Donation Questions

Question: How can I contribute to the Toledo Area Humane Society?

Answer: Contributions may be mailed directly to the Toledo Area Humane Society at 827 Illinois Ave, Maumee, OH 43537 or dropped off in person during our normal business hours. You can also make a contribution using our online donation form.

Question: How do I become a Golden Paw League member?

Answer: Donations or pledges to the GPL start at $250 and the benefits to both the animals and the GPL member increase with every level of giving. Find out more about the Golden Paw League!

Question: Are my contributions to the Toledo Area Humane Society tax-deductible?

Answer: Yes, if you itemize your taxes. The Toledo Area Humane Society has been granted 501c(3) status by the federal government. Contributions are deductible for income tax purposes to the extent allowed by law. Please consult your tax advisor for more information.

Question: Can I make a donation in memory of a person or pet?

Answer: Yes! Many supporters of the Toledo Area Humane Society demonstrate their commitment by giving gifts in memory or in honor of friends, family or pets. Often the family of a deceased person or pet has spread the word that gifts of condolence be made to the Toledo Area Humane Society. This caring gift serves many purposes at once; the person or pet named is remembered and honored, the giver’s gesture is appreciated and the result of this generous acknowledgement is a valuable and long-lasting contribution to the animals and services of the Toledo Area Humane Society. Memorial and Tribute donations of $25 or more are acknowledged in the humane society's newsletter. We thank you, and more important, the animals thank you!