Bark in the Park Fundraising Tool Kit!

Reaching your fundraising goal can be FUN and FAST!

Fundraising Tips

Meeting your fundraising goal doesn’t have to feel like a task, instead get creative and make it fun! Here are some fundraising tips to help you get started:

1. Get over the fear of asking! We all feel it!  But did you know research shows most people give money just because they got asked? So don’t be shy! Remember: you’re not doing this for yourself (you’re doing it for the animals), people genuinely want to help (most Americans are very philanthropic), and they want to support you. Just as you’re proud to be helping helpless animals, your friends and family and coworkers will be proud to support you!

2. Make your fundraising personal.

Customize your fundraising page with your own story. Why are you fundraising? Is there a pet or person who’s inspired you to do this? Are you challenging yourself to walk or run? What’s your ultimate goal? Tell people your own story, add a photo that makes sense (e.g., of your own pet), and people will be more likely to give to help you reach your goal.

Visit Face to Face. Ask potential donors for a few minutes of their time. Let them know why you’re participating, and remember: you are not asking for the contribution for yourself, but for thousands of homeless, abused and injured animals.

Call. Pick a weekend afternoon to call your contacts and just let them know you’re participating in Bark in the Park and why. You can let them know of our wonderful programs and successes, or you can share your own personal experience in adopting a pet, taking a training class, receiving help, volunteering… you get the idea!

Use Social Media. Post requests for support and updates on your progress on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Consider making our Bark in the Park logo your profile picture in the months leading up to the event.  And thank your donors on social media; it will make them feel good and inspire others to follow!

3. Get Creative!

Are you a good at baking? or perhaps you enjoy yard work? Mow your neighbors lawn or bake some of your famous cookies for a family member and in exchange ask people to donate to your fundraising page! Another fun and creative way to fundraise is by organizing a Jeans Day at work by having everyone in your workplace donate a dollar to wear jeans to work one day. There are lots of great ways to put the FUN in FUN-draise. So ask yourself, what can I do differently in order to ask for donations to my fundraising page?

4. Keep asking.  It’s true, and we’ve seen it year-after-year: the more emails you send out, the more donations you’ll get. And remember to follow-up: oftentimes, people are happy to donate but simply get busy or forget.

Ask businesses you patronize. Ask the places you frequent for a donation. You support your hair stylist, dry cleaner, doctor, dentist, gym, coffee shop, and favorite restaurant; they will be happy to support you!

Get other groups you participate in, co-workers at work, or your neighbors involved. Let people know you’re participating in Bark in the Park and would love their help. No time to meet? Use Bark in the Park as an excuse to get together! You could host a bake sale, garage sale, plant sale, karaoke party or other event to get others involved and celebrating.

Does your company offer a matching gift? Ask your human resources person; matching gifts are a great way to double the money you raise!

6. Print off the Bark and the Park Poster. Hang up the Bark in the Park Posters around your work office or feel free to hand out the posters when asking donors to support you!

5. Last but not least, make sure to say Thank You! A simple thank you to your donors can go a long way. Make sure to write a special letter or email and send it to all of the people who supported you and your goal. Don’t be shy and even pick up the phone to call your donors to thank them as well.

All donations can be made either online directly to your fundraising page or checks and cash can be dropped off or mailed to the shelter where it will be added to your final fundraising total. We are located at 827 Illinois Ave. Maumee, Ohio 43537. Hours: Monday-Friday 12pm to 6pm and on the weekends 12pm to 5pm.

If you have any questions at all regarding fundraising, please send an email to


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