George’s Story

George, a simple name for an incredible cat who has inspired the people who regularly witness and care for the worst animal cruelty cases in our community.

George had his first introduction to the Toledo Area Humane Society in 2009, the day after Halloween. TAHS Humane Officer, Gene Boros, responded to a call about a suspected case of animal cruelty involving a severely burned cat. George (named by TAHS staff after his arrival at the shelter) had been an indoor/outdoor cat used to keep mice out of an auto repair shop. His owner called TAHS after discovering that George had obtained third degree burns to his head, face and front paws while out prowling the neighborhood. Knowing he could not afford the medical care for the cat’s injuries, the owner surrendered him to Officer Boros, who brought him back to TAHS for immediate medical attention.

George was examined when he arrived at the Toledo Area Humane Society. Most of his ears had been burned off, his face was badly charred, his eyelids were so badly damaged that his eyes were sealed shut, and his nostrils were badly burned making it difficult for him to breathe properly. The TAHS staff regularly cares for animals who have been rescued from cases of cruelty or neglect and often has to work with animals that are in pain or scared and sometimes difficult to manage. However, George’s response to staff members was quite unexpected. Despite his injuries, George greeted the medical staff by rubbing his swollen head against their arms in a show of affection for the attention they were giving him. It was then that the animal care staff realized that this sweet kitty had a strong will to live and decided to give him a fighting chance.

The first days following George’s arrival at TAHS were touch and go. He spent his first few days heavily medicated for pain and underwent multiple surgeries to repair and remove damaged tissue on his ears, face and around his eyes. The vet staff could not even be sure how severe the damage was to George’s eyes until they sedated him and gave him a full examination. Fortunately the retinas didn’t sustain any damage but reconstructive surgery needed to be done on his eyelids, so George was sent on a trip to the Ohio State University for specialized medical treatment.

The whole time George was being treated, he was friendly and loving to the staff that was caring for him. It took six months for his injuries to heal. While his physical appearance has changed due to his ordeal, his personality has not. George is one of the sweetest cats you’ll ever meet. He adores all the attention he regularly receives from staff, volunteers and visitors who stop in to give him a healthy dose of daily loving, petting, playing and of course, treats! In 2010, at TAHS’s annual Fur Ball fundraising event, the Toledo Area Humane Society staff officially adopted George. He is now TAHS’s live-in mascot and enjoys a life of relaxation, bird-watching and generally just being spoiled rotten!

For over 130 years, the Toledo Area Humane Society has been the only organization in our community with the mission to prevent and intercede in animal cruelty cases. This is difficult and emotional work for these passionate staff members. George has touched these dedicated people and has quickly become an advocate for the work they do. We still do not know exactly now George obtained his injuries, but he’s truly an inspiration.

The Toledo Area Humane Society is a charitable organization with the mission to lead the community in efforts focused on relieving the suffering of, preventing cruelty to, and providing for humane treatment of animals. We rely on the generosity of donations to continue to intervene on behalf of the community’s animals. If you have any concerns about an animal’s safety and need to report any case of animal cruelty, contact the Toledo Area Humane Society at 419-891-9777.

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