TAHS Services

The Toledo Area Humane Society offers a variety of services to our community to ensure that we are doing our best every day to help animals in need.

Please select choose from the list of services below:

  • Cruelty Investigation Department: The Toledo Area Humane Society employs two full time Cruelty Investigators that are responsible for the nearly 2,000 calls in Lucas County every year. If you need to file a Cruelty Incidence Report, please click here.
  • Surrendering your pet: We understand it can be a difficult decision to make, but sometimes the only solution to is to find a new home for your furry friends. The Toledo Area Humane Society is a controlled intake shelter. To schedule an appointment or for more information, click here.
  • Animal Behavior Department: The Toledo Area Humane Society employs a full time Behavior Specialist to work with the animals at our shelter. She is also available to offer advise and guidance on any issues you may be having with your pets at home. For more information or to contact our Behavior Specialist, please click here.
  • Microchip services: The TAHS staff is available to microchip your pet Tuesday-Friday from 12-6 pm. Please call 419.891.0705 to schedule your appointment. Microchipping is $25 and is activated at your appointment.
  • Lost and found pets: The Toledo Area Humane Society is happy to share your information regarding an animal that has either been lost or found by you. You can send us the information via a private message on Facebook or drop off a flyer to our shelter. For more information, please click here.