Toledo Area Humane Society Board

Without a progressive and positive Board of Directors it would be difficult for TAHS to attain the high standards of our mission statement. The following individuals bring the organization to a level where we are one of the most reputable humane societies in the nation.
Tim J. Bublick
Board Chair
Michael P. Henry

Gary J. Blair

Alyce R. Juby

Esther Fabian
Mark Gleim
Mike Szyperski
Mike Gosik
William G. Ritter
Heather M. Rohrs
Patrick N. Wise
Patrick Trompeter
David Theiss

Director’s Emeriti

Teresa A. Beebe
Judy G. McFarland
Peggy S. Brown
Martha E. Vetter
Alice H. Weber
Stephen W. Serchuk
Judy D. Lang
Robert B. Higdon
John W. Davies

Advisory Council

Susan Allan Block
Michael C. Hart
Marlon P. Kiser
Barbara J. Petee

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